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We, the founders of EWEMO Global services Organization Thankful to the almighty God for the gift of the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) to end the long bloodshed of the entire South Sudanese people; Aware of the need to strengthen the capacity of the civil society to enhance and embrace universal peace and equal opportunity for development in South Sudan;

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Determined and dedicated to tirelessly comprehend on the efforts of the government in service delivery towards sustainable development; Conscious of the socio-economic and political injustices created by history and the current challenges facing the consistent post succession period.

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How to be a member

The membership of the Organization shall be open to:- Any person within or outside South Sudan. She/he must register with the Organization. She/he must be of sound mind. Membership becomes effective after the payment of non-refundable registration fee and upheld by the regular payment of monthly subscriptions which are determined by the Executive Committee of the Organization.

There shall be not less than ten (10) and not more than twenty (20) persons/Institutions as members. In case a Board member is removed from office by a resolution of the Board for misconduct as prescribed in the organization bylaws, then such a resolution shall be presented to the general assembly for final decision. Membership shall be open to individuals and institutions who share the same goal provided that such a person or institution is of high personal integrity and has earned respect in the society. Full membership shall be awarded to persons who have legally registered and paid the annual subscription to EWEMO GLOBAL SERVICE’S treasury. The Board of EWEMO GLOBAL SERVICES ORGANIZATION shall confirm honorary membership to persons of noble deeds regardless of their nationality. Honorary members have the rights to discuss, suggest and forward any issue concerning, EWEMO GLOBAL SERVICE ORGANIZATIONbut do not have voting rights and the responsibility of management.


To build capacities of South Sudanese communities informing, sensitize, training youths about the important of environmental protection and planting of trees, peace-building, access to justice, promotion of human rights, good governance, formal and non-formal education, WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) program, poverty alleviation through initiatives such as agricultural capacity-building programs, and the promotion of a culture of tolerance.

EWEMO GLOBAL SERVICE ORGANIZATION strives to achieve the following Objectives:

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  • Food Security and livelihood/Agriculture.
  • Capacity Building and Human Development.
  • Child Protection.
  • Crisis prevention and early warning, emergency response, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building.
  • Democracy, Human Rights and Governance.
  • Nutrition.
  • Economic Growth and Trade.
  • Environmental Sensitization.
  • HIV/AIDS and other Health related Issues.
  • Poverty Alleviation.
  • Water, Hygiene and Sanitation .
  • Youth and Women's Empowerment .
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