About Us

“ Environmental waste recycling and management global services,South Sudan’"


EWEMO Global Service enterprise limited was formed in the year 2020 by the Philanthropist, business entrepreneurs. Ewemo global service enterprise is a member of National social enterprise which is fully registered under company ACT 2012. Ewemo global services enterprise have head office in Juba, South Sudan. It is modern service provider in the Oil and gas sector to many customers including individual’s household consumers. We are fully a legal and completely a registered liability company officially and in corporate in the laws of South Sudan with all relevant authority documents and certificate. Ewemo global services enterprise Company limited has a wide network of connection from local, regional and international throughout all areas and sector of our business operations working with us provides you with the standard and professional services we deemed offer. Ewemo global services ORGANIZATION Company limited will always be committed to clients demands We are always willing to ensure that all contracts and supply needed of the clients are fully under proper channels in quality, quantity and time schedule of the projects.

Our Mission

To build capacities of South Sudanese communities informing, sensitize, training youths about the important of environmental protection and planting of trees, peace-building, access to justice, promotion of human rights, good governance, formal and non-formal education, WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) program, poverty alleviation through initiatives such as agricultural capacity-building programs, and the promotion of a culture of tolerance.Facilitate through various means the development of a dynamic and informed society, which is able to effect changes and protect the environment and all the living things at our ecosystem including the aquatics life living under water.

Our Vision

EWEMO Global Services vision is to be the primary support and platform use in the environmental sensitization and aware campaigns about the danger of climatic change cause by man-made activities the organization will be represented by a national community of informed, empowered and committed members that fully participate and cooperate in decision-making and programs leading to a better world.

Our Principles

EWEMO Global services organization is about Environment and climatic change through afforestation and mixed agriculture, sensitization in community and school within South Sudan in the diversification of local’s resource towards realization of human development; include educational opportunity, economic prosperity, and preventing the challenge of climatic change cause by human activities in South Sudan, Africa and the whole World.

EWEMO Global Service enterprise limited was formed in the year 2020 by the Philanthropist, business entrepreneurs.

100 Projects
150 Volunteer
250 Youth
10 South Sudan

The following are our organization core values and principles.


  • Promote agricultural farming through the use of innovative methods in order to achieve food security and sustainable development goal.
  • Opportunities to fight high poverty levels throughout the Country in order to recover and advance the locals standard of living.
  • To Strengthen South Sudan Farmer on how to conserved the soil.
  • To promote agro-forestry as oppose to deforestation or cutting down of trees.
  • To promote Digital Health Care, the use of drone to collect data and deliver medical to the under deserved communities health centers.
  • To generate income to potential entrepreneurs for possible business growth and development.
  • To promote Water Sanitations hygiene among the poor vulnerable communities affected by conflicts.
  • The dignity of every human being must be upheld, irrespective of gender sex, age, race, ethnicity, culture, beliefs and political opinion.
  • Advocacy on conflict transformations through support of grassroots peace-building and the application of moral principles of love, peace, unity, forgiveness and reconciliation among South Sudanese communities.
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    EWEMO also works on the mitigation of the environmental challenges due to the peoples’ presence in the rural and urban areas. We make strong partnerships with government, international agencies, non-governmental organizations, communities and individuals at national, regional and international levels.

    Ewemo empowers people by conducting capacity building workshops to promote life skills and avail tools or subsistence agriculture , nutritional valued addition and other necessary orientations to enable them live normal life and to help them participate fully in the socio-economic and cultural development of their country.

The Board shall consist of a chairperson and his/her vice; and treasurer; the Executive Director shall serve as the secretary to the Board. As an employee of EWEMO Global services the Executive Director shall be an ex-officio Board member. The Board shall comprise maximum of members seven and minimum of five members. There shall be at least two females in the Board. The Management Structure of the Governing Body of EWEMO Global ServicesOrganization shall consist of the following institutions: